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Eating disorders are complex mental health issues. There are a lot of stigmas and judgement associated with eating disorders, which can limit individuals accessing support. At Full of Beans, we are dedicated to sharing the voices of those who feel unheard and that’s why we believe that raising awareness about the truth behind eating disorders is so important.


In these workshops you will have access to personal and clinical experience. Following on from Han's personal experience of Atypical Anorexia and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, she has developed a passion for sharing accurate and evidence-based information regarding eating disorders. Additionally, the personal experience touch makes these workshops empathetic and gives you an insight in how it feels to live with an eating disorder which is often missed in educational workshops. 

We can all read a text book, but understanding how it feels to experience an eating disorder and how we can support someone is a different ball game. That’s why we believe the following topics are so important to cover in our 2-part session:

  • What is an eating disorder?

  • What are the different types of eating disorders?

  • What behaviours are associated with eating disorders?

  • What might cause an eating disorder?

  • What are the consequences of an eating disorder? Physical, psychological, social.

  • What does an eating disorder provide to the individual?

  • Why can recovery from an eating disorder be challenging?

  • How can we support someone in their recovery?

  • How can we prevent eating disorders?

With an 84% rise of eating disorder inpatient admissions over 5 years, it’s time we take action. Learning how to recognise, support, and most importantly prevent eating disorders is the paramount next step in reducing the prevalence of eating disorders.


Eating disorders do not discriminate. Therefore, this training will mean you and your team are ready to support their clients, colleagues, and anyone who needs to be heard.

These workshops are suitable for anyone wanting to gain and increased understanding about eating disorders. This may be a charity looking to provide an additional layer of support to service users, this may be a company looking to improve the wellbeing support provide to colleagues, or a school/college looking to provide support to students navigating a challenging time of their life. The list is endless as to who these eating disorder awareness workshops can help.

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