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Max, Workshop Attendee

"As someone who's always had a healthy relationship with food, dieting and diet culture is not a topic I'd ever put much consideration in to. Hannah tactfully explained how diet culture can lead to harmful habits and mindsets, citing published research to demonstrate how extreme restriction can affect your body. One of the most valuable parts of the presentation for me was her guidance on how to approach friends/family who are struggling with eating disorders - advising how to be constructive and supportive, instead of contributing to that persons negative relationship with food."

Sam, Workshop Attendee

"Hannah was able to offer a breakdown of various eating disorders in a clear, accessible manner, providing helpful guidance on how to recognise when a relationship with food is becoming unhealthy. She gave thorough advice on how to support a person who may have an eating disorder, which was made all the more powerful by her obvious passion for this subject. As a result of Hannah’s presentation, I am more aware of what I can do to create a more supportive, body-positive environment that hopefully stimulates a healthier mindset regarding eating habits and self-acceptance."

Tara, Warwick Barbell President

"Hannah gave us a really engaging and informative talk on diet culture, of which our members expressed how much they appreciated! She gave tips that everyone could find useful and learn from, no matter their eating habits or dieting history. She also was able to carefully navigate talking through dangerous weight loss practices often undertaken in weightlifting/ powerlifting to promote more healthy behaviours. Hannah took the time to answer peoples questions with her friendly and bubbly charm, giving her valuable insight from her experiences and knowledge. I would definitely recommend Hannah!"

Mila, Independent Researcher

Last Sunday, I almost burnt a hole in my Christmas-tree-green dress, pressing over the iron, forgetting to move it, while listening to Supporting Recovery Over Christmas: An Eating Disorders Workshop, hosted by James Downs and Hannah Hickinbotham.

Han, founder of Full of Beans, “an organisation which aims to increase the awareness of reduce the stigma associated with eating disorders”, I’ve never met or listened to before. Yet in a few minutes she won my personal prize for the Most Beautifully and Disarmingly Authentic Person of the Year. 

For the full testimonial, click here:


In my role I get to work with a lot of inspiring people and organisations, but Hannah is one of the relationships which stands out most. I have had the pleasure of working with Hannah for more than a year now, collaborating on a number of projects, from digital resources and eating disorder awareness campaigns, to the launch of our specific nutrition pathway at First Steps ED and collaborative 'Finding Peace with Food' workshop.

Hannah has expertly led this workshop series for a number of months and continues to be praised by our service users for her honest and expert approach to peer-support groups. I have been particularly impressed by her dedication and passion for supporting people and her ability to use her own lived experience and wealth of knowledge to motivate and/or influence those who need support the most.

If you're looking for someone who can offer hope, inspire change and bring passion to any organisation or group, I can't think of anyone I could recommend more highly.

Talia, Assistant Psychologist

"As a trainee clinical psychologist working in mental health, it is so wonderful to see more awareness and open discussions about mental illness and specifically eating disorders. I found the first episode great- open, honest conversations were had in a non-threatening way, which I hope will facilitate more discussions between people that will reduce stigma. Hannah was a sensitive and compassionate host and Aiden a brave and eloquent interviewee. It’s really inspiring to hear how people with difficult experiences are motivated to make a positive change to the field of MH and I’m really excited for what’s to come with this podcast!"

Kendra, Occupational Therapist

Hannah is an exceptionally diligent, hardworking and passionate individual who always aims to put forward high quality work. She is a pleasure to work alongside and an invaluable team member

Suzanne, Mental health campaigner

Hannah and I recorded an episode of her Full of Beans podcast and it’s fair to say that Hannah is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of eating disorders. She is also very personable and friendly and is someone who puts you completely at ease. I would recommend working with Hannah at any given opportunity as you will definitely learn something. Thanks for letting me be a guest and your support of the #HonestyAboutEditing campaign!

Zoe, mental health campaigner

Very delightful podcast host. Brilliant at getting the conversations going, guests feel able to speak and explore difficult topics due to Hannah's empathic nature. Communication with her was easy and quick and I feel she deeply cares. professional and reliable as well as knowledgeable and an all round phenomenal expert.

Tom, Psychotherapist & Dietitian

Hannah is both passionate and insightful in relating to eating disorders and about raising awareness. I fully endorse the work she is doing. Keep it up!

Chuks, ed specialist doctor

Working with Hannah on the Full of Beans podcast was great fun! She is both professional and amiable. She also worked around my availability which helped a great deal. Brilliant questions and equally brilliant discussion. I love what Hannah is creating with this podcast, and I sense she is just getting started!

George, Myominds founder

Hannah is articulate, inquisitive and insightful. My time working with Hannah via podcasts and various projects has been fantastic. Hannah has a vast knowledge on all things eating disorders and disseminates this in ways only Hannah can. I highly recommend working with and/or learning from Hannah

Helen, Workshop attendee

I wanted to say a big thank you to, the course was so helpful and gave me tools to use, whilst on my journey to recovery. The lightbulb moment was when Hannah said try thinking of your eating disorder as a separate entity, wow moment. 

Thank you again to you.

Veronica, expert by experience

Hannah and I did a podcast on "co-dependency" and i was absolutely delighted with the results as a lot of people have subsequently listened to it. I was a little nervous to start with but I didn't need to worry as the whole experience as great fun and Hannah quickly pyut me at ease and I would repeat it all again!

In terms of getting her own personal campaighing mesage around "stigma" and "ED awareness" her podcasts are a perfect platform for achieving this. i appaud Hannah for all the other work she is doing around these two areas as it will be of enormous benefit to both those with an eating disorder and their families. 

Nicola, business coach

 I have watched the growth of Hannah's passion for helping others within the vast world of eating disorders with immense pride. She has such motivation for creating awareness, she is driven to help as many as she can to cope and manage their own personal eating disorders.
I would have no hesitation in recommending her to help with any organisation in creating awareness of ED to their company, group, charity, society. Her presentation skills are created from her own experience, her vast knowledge and her calm clear message. Ask Hannah a question and she always has such a grounded, thoughtful and helpful answer.
She is an absolute credit to the ED environment, her Full of Beans Podcast has I am sure helped to many people for her to ever know.

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