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Established on experience

Eating disorders can be isolating experiences, and part of this comes from a lack of understanding in both society and the medical setting. 

Following on from Han's lived experience of an eating disorder, Han studied Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition MSc to expand her knowledge from personal experience to clinical experience. 

Han established Full of Beans to help individuals feel less isolated in their experience, and to act as a vessel of communication between service users, clinicians, and researchers for long term change and supportive care.

OUR community

What started as a couple of chats with friends soon became something bigger. 

Full of Beans records weekly podcasts where Han discusses a range of eating disorder related topics with her guests. The guests vary from those with lived experience of an eating disorder and their loved ones, to clinicians, researchers, and individuals equally as passionate about educating society on eating disorders by debunking the myths.

Expanding from the podcast, the FOB community also write blogs to provide another layer of education and awareness surrounding eating disorders.

awareness workshops

Education is a fundamental element here at Full of Beans. Anyone can all read a text book to try to understand eating disorders, but there is something unique and pivotal about hearing about how it feels to live with an eating disorder, the struggle of recovery, the pull of an eating disorder, and the support that is required to achieve a life free from an eating disorder. 

Our workshops cover the fundamentals of eating disorders, including the types of eating disorders, the consequences of eating disorders, and the treatment involved. We are unique in that we add the personal touch, which is enriched by Han's experience of working in a clinical setting and discussing the experiences of so many through podcast episodes. 

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